The Thomistic Realism of Étienne Gilson: Annotated Bibliography

The following are the works consulted for the semester project in PHL 620: Epistemology with Holy Apostles College and Seminary summer 2012 semester. This project, “The Thomistic Realism of Étienne Gilson,” explores the epistemology of one of the preeminent twentieth century Catholic philosophers.

Adler, Mortimer J. Ten Philosophical Mistakes. New York: Touchstone Books, 1985. Adler presents a Thomistic realist critique of modern philosophy, showing the strength of Thomistic realism compared to other schools of modern philosophy.

Gallagher, Kenneth T. The Philosophy of Knowledge. New York: Sheen and Ward, 1964. This general introduction to epistemology serves to provide background information on epistemological views of various modern schools of philosophical thought.

Gilson, Étienne. God and Philosophy, Second Edition. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2002. Gilson here deals with the problem of God’s existence as proposed by various philosophical systems. It also contains the best autobiographical notes about Gilson and his intellectual development.

—–. Methodical Realism: A Handbook for Beginning Realists. San Francisco, CA: Ignatius Press, 2011. Gilson’s short introduction to methodical realism critiques both idealism and the short comings of some realist philosophers; it serves as the foundational work of this project.

—–. Thomistic Realism and the Critique of Knowledge. San Francisco, CA: Ignatius Press, 1986. In this book Gilson delves into an analysis of the realist philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas; a position which serves as the basis of Gilson’s own epistolary.

—–. The Unity of the Philosophical Experience. San Francisco, CA: Ignatius Press, 1999. In Gilson’s own words, the purpose of this book is “to show that the history of philosophy makes philosophical sense, and to define its meaning in regard to the nature of philosophical knowledge itself.” This books serves to show more of Gilson’s Thomistic realism.

Maritain, Jacques. An Introduction to Philosophy. New York: Sheen and Ward, 1959. This book is a highly readable general introduction to philosophy by a contemporary of Gilson and likewise a great Thomistic Catholic philosopher of the twentieth century.

Ollivant, Douglas, ed. Jacques Maritain and the Many Ways of Knowing. Washington, DC: The Catholic University of America Press, 2002. A work from the American Maritain Association focusing on the epistemology of Maritain, thought in a similar vein as that of Gilson; also includes essays with reference to Gilson.

Sullivan, Daniel J. An Introduction to Philosophy: Perennial Principles of the Classical Realist Tradition. Charlotte, NC: TAN Books, 1992. A solid introduction to philosophy in the Catholic Thomistic tradition; this work serves to provide background information in support of Gilson’s work.

Wallace, William A. The Elements of Philosophy: A Compendium for Philosophers and Theologians. Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2012. A classic introduction to philosophy by a former professor of philosophy at the Catholic University of America. As with the work above, this volume serves to provide additional background information on philosophy in the Catholic tradition.

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  1. stephenbujno says:

    Well done Steven! I look forward to the project.

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